I ride my bike for nature's rights


Vlad Alexandrescu Pachamama România

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I grew up in a tiny village, somewhere up the hills of Romania.I had a wonderful childhood for which I am deeply grateful :) The rooster, the chickens, birds, cows, the leaves, the trees, the vegetables all good friends of mine. Later on, I encountered the city life, going to high-school and afterwards to university.I was studying tourism only to realize in the 3rd year that this only, does not make me happy. My soul was urging for an experience, and so, exhausted of  all the theory and fed up with having to memorize loads of info, I decided to quit in order to go for the real deal. And so the Universe realligned itself in such a miraculous way, according to my deepest wish and there I was on the road. Many people said I am courageous and that they wish they`ve done the same “but...”.Was it  easy ? Not really, yet I went along letting myself guided by my true  calling.

You see, I believe travelling is an utterly revealing experience, that anyone should have. It takes one`s prior perspective and revolves it into so many angles, so many new possibilities, such newness that the old paradigms and beliefs you were taught, automatically come under a big question mark. And it seems like the longer one travels, constant amazement and excitement dwells inside as well as a fresh look upon existence.


- cyclist, traveler,  spiritual dude, musician

- feeling to give a deeper sense to my existence by becoming the voice of a message that will inspire people to become aware that Nature is a living being, with rights to exist, persist and regenerate

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Credem cu tărie că fiecare persoană vine cu o menire, iar dacă ne recunoaștem chemarea și îi răspundem cu bucurie ne vom putea ajuta nu doar pe noi, ci și pe cei alături de noi, inclusiv Planeta.


Drepturile Naturii

Drepturile Naturii înseamnă recunoașterea faptului că ecosistemul nostru – incluzând copacii, oceanele, animalele, munții – au tot atâtea drepturi ca și oamenii.


THE JOURNEY It’s about raising awareness in order to promote the Rights of Nature European Citizens Initiative (ECI). Through this initiative, the Rights of Nature Europe organisation aims to introduce a proposal on the legislative agenda of the EU to establish rights of nature in law. Rights of nature will shift the way we relate to our environment by bringing fundamental change to our


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Bafta! Poate in anii viitori ma voi alătura si eu vouă !
04 Jul 2015
Salut! Ma bucur sa aflu de acest proiect. Cand va porniti pe bike trail? Si eu planuiesc un drum cu bicicleta prin Europa din Cluj, poate ne intersectam. Mult succes!
03 Jul 2015